21 Sept 2022

Sustainability is a leadership challenge: How can companies unlock their sustainability potential?

ESG considerations are increasingly a driver of corporate decision-making. In this piece, we explore how companies can redesign themselves in order to meet growing stakeholder and shareholder expectations, and regulatory pressures, among others, that are increasingly demanding that sustainability play a central role in the way companies do business. We consider how to integrate sustainability within a governance structure as well as the key figures that can support a sustainability agenda.


We look at:

  1. No one-size-fits-all sustainability structure
  2. Integrating sustainability within a governance structure
  3. Key figures that can support a sustainability agenda
  4. Beyond governance: embedding sustainability

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Contact Information
Jeff Twentyman
Senior Consultant at Slaughter and May
Harry Hecht
Partner at Slaughter and May
Lucy Scaramuzza
Associate at Slaughter and May