09 Jul 2019

The new EU Prospectus Regulation: a guide for equity issuers

In this briefing we seek to answer questions that may arise from the new prospectus regime, to ensure a smooth transition to the new regime.

On 21 July 2019 significant changes will be made to the prospectus regime in the UK and other EEA states when the remaining bulk of the new EU Prospectus Regulation takes effect. 

This guide considers the impact of the changes on IPOs, secondary issues and other transactions where an equity prospectus is required.

The new prospectus regulation - a guide for equity issuers


This material is provided for general information only. It does not constitute legal or other professional advice.

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Nilufer von Bismarck
Partner at Slaughter and May
Susannah Macknay
Partner at Slaughter and May