21 Feb 2023

The Lens Newsletter - February 2023

A selection of our latest blogs on all things digital from our experts and thought leaders here at Slaughter and May.

How would you like to pay? Moving towards the digital pound

In a significant step, the Bank of England and HM Treasury have declared that it is "likely" that a digital pound—the catchy moniker for a UK retail central bank digital currency—will be needed in future. As illuminated in a joint... Read more

Faces and breaches: ICO doubles down on tailored approach to UK data enforcement

In the first few weeks of 2023, the ICO has continued to espouse its commitment to exercising its full spectrum of enforcement powers. Monetary penalties increasingly form only a small part of the UK’s regulatory picture as the ICO shifts from... Read more

UK and US Governments crack down on ransomware criminals

Handling ransom demands (and whether it possible and/or desirable to pay) is one of the most critical aspects of managing a cyber attack. This involves considering the applicable, and evolving, sanctions position, among other risks. Last week, the... Read more

Are the Floodgates Opening? The Future of Large Datasets in AI

The use of large third-party datasets in the development of AI models has been a contentious issue for some time now. In the latest development, Getty Images are bringing a copyright claim in the UK against AI developer Stability AI, in... Read more

Cryptoassets: the next chapter

Yesterday, HM Treasury published its much anticipated vision for the future of the financial services regulatory regime for cryptoassets. Comprehensive, detailed, and 82 pages long, this consultation paper and call for evidence brings some... Read more

Crypto: Promo Go Slow (Part 2)

Just a week after the FCA's review of AML registration applications by crypto firms, we've now got two important publications from the UK government on the future regulation of cryptoassets. It feels like they're my 43 bus from London Bridge (or... Read more

Crypto-ing the line

Back at the very beginning of 2020 Covid-19 still hadn't been designated a pandemic, Brexit still wasn't quite 'done' and you could start a cryptoasset business in the UK without needing to so much as notify the FCA you were doing so. In the... Read more

To borrow or not to borrow: key considerations for “venture debt” deals

If you are a tech start-up, or your organisation invests in or helps develop them, you will have seen market speculation that 2023 is likely to be a difficult year for tech businesses to raise venture capital. At the end of last year, we set out... Read more


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