30 May 2023

The Lens Newsletter - May 2023

A selection of our latest blogs on all things digital from our experts and thought leaders here at Slaughter and May.

TikTok: Why the ICO fined them £12.7m

On 4 April 2023, the ICO fined TikTok Ltd and TikTok Inc £12.7 million for breaching the UK GDPR. This represents over a 50% reduction from the £27m fine included in their September 2022 notice of intent. The ICO’s press release explains this... Read more

Transparency and generative AI – opening the black box?

As generative AI continues to dominate headlines, one aspect that governments and regulators across the world are trying to grapple with is how best to balance the rights of AI developers and IP rights holders. With real-world disputes starting to... Read more

Blackjack, Poker and… Crypto?

All bets are off for the cryptoasset (‘crypto’) industry following publication of the House of Common’s Treasury Committee report on Regulating Crypto last... Read more

Generative AI – three golden rules

You’ve seen the headlines around generative AI (good and bad), but what three things should your organisation do if it is planning to use (or is already using) this ground breaking technology? In this blog I look at the need to understand a... Read more

Irish DPC Meta (Facebook) data transfers decision: record €1.2 billion GDPR fine and fresh SCC uncertainty for business

Today, the Irish Data Protection Commission (Irish DPC) has made public its long-awaited decision on Meta’s EU-US data transfers for its Facebook service. The decision follows the landmark Schrems II CJEU case (which we discussed in this blog at... Read more

SEPs and FRAND licensing: trending towards transparency?

For only the second time in its history, the English High Court has determined FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) terms for a licence of Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”). In a detailed 225-page judgment, Mellor J set a global FRAND... Read more

Quantum leap? Key takeaways from the National Quantum Strategy

With AI, blockchain and other emerging tech stealing recent headlines, quantum technologies have been out of the spotlight. However, the importance and widespread applications of quantum technologies is becoming increasingly apparent. In March of... Read more

CMA launches initial review of AI foundation models

In a bid to showcase its proactivity regarding the rising adoption of AI, the UK Competition and Markets Authority has recently announced that it would start examining the impact of AI foundation models (including large language models and... Read more

In for a penny: Data protection and privacy implications of the Bank of England’s digital pound proposals

February this year saw the Bank of England and HM Treasury declare that it is “likely” that a digital pound will be issued in future and used by households and businesses for everyday transactions. We discussed the joint consultation paper’s... Read more


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